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Turbo Car Rush - Racing Game


Turbo Car Rush is a real 3D and exciting driving-racing game with mixed endless chasing! With unlimited speed, you could be an endless road racer! Driving on highway, enjoy the speed of lightning! And be surprised by car transformation! Speed Freaks, get ready for one of the most furious car racing games!This turbo racing game will give you the thrill you’ve been looking for. Get ready for challenging missions, race fast and fearless and dominate your opponents. The top-notch GT racing cars, the 3D environment and the treacherous asphalt track will make your competition even more enticing. If you’re a fan of drag racing driving games, speed racing or any kind of car games, then we can guarantee you’re going to fall in love with Highway Racing.If you love the action, the speed and the beautiful sports cars, this game will perfectly suit your needs. All you have to do is to get it as soon as possible from the store, then fasten your seat belt and start the turbo engine. Can you feel its handling? Outset the rally with a circuit racing type and beat the laps of all the opponents. But, this is not all we have for you! Try out the knockout rush course and the time attack type. You will definitely love this racing game and let it entertain you for many hours!Just enter into any of the races and put your speed racing skills to the test. Or maybe you fancy just heading out for a spin and taking your car for the ultimate road trip? It’s up to you. Turbo Car Rush - Racing Game is one seriously cool car game. The amazing collection of stunning coupe cars will give you the possibility to race your favorite one throughout 16 very captivating levels. The smooth and realistic control will enhance your driving experience and you can choose between pedals or simply tilt the screen of you device. Your racing skills will be pushed to the limits! Keep your eyes wide open to not veer off the track, but if you will end up going in the wrong direction, the reverse button will save your course.Turbo Car Rush Features:❖ Compete against ghost cars and compare your performance to the target time❖ Stay at maximum speed to beat the clock❖ Swerve to avoid collisions with obstacles❖ Turbo accelerating and easy control❖ Car could be transformed during driving❖ Many cars and characters offered!❖ Rich types of cars including trucks, buses and so on❖ Earn coins and update the cars❖ Game will be updated constantly!❖ Turbo Car Rush will be updated constantly!